The Ultimate Etiquette Guide to Co-Working Spaces

The Ultimate Etiquette Guide to Co-Working Spaces

As startup companies and other small businesses become more common—and commercial real estate continues to come at a high premium—co-working spaces have become a fixture in cities across the country. These spaces offer offices, single desks, and cubicles for rent by the month, day, or even by the hour, so a variety of businesses can function within the same space. As a result, there are more resources available than small businesses could manage on their own and startups can operate in the most in-demand areas without sinking all their capital into rent. Of course, with multiple businesses working in one place, it’s important for every member of the office to follow some simple rules of etiquette.

Manage Your Noise Level

With the open office design of co-working spaces, sound can travel far, so you’ll want to bring along a pair of headphones and take phone calls in the kitchen or conference room, where a little extra noise is not going to distract anyone.

Take Advantage of the Group Dynamic

Collaboration is a unique thing that can happen when you get multiple businesses operating in one place, so don’t hesitate to reach out to other occupants of the workspace and build connections with other regulars. However, you’ll also want to pick an appropriate venue for conversation and collaboration in the office—in other words, don’t start distracting coworkers who are sitting quietly at their desks or in the middle of a hectic workday.

Be Your Own Butler

Most co-working spaces have snacks and drinks available as well as full kitchen areas, but you should not overuse the privilege of free food or fail to clean up after yourself in shared areas. Clean up after yourself right away when leaving the kitchen or conference room, since others are likely to use the space right after you.

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