Tips for Choosing a Printer for Your Graphic Design Firm

Tips for Choosing a Printer for Your Graphic Design Firm

Graphic design firms frequently have specialized needs when it comes to printing, so choosing a printer requires a bit more care and thought than it may for some other kinds of businesses. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all graphic design printer. As you pick a printer for your firm, keep these tips in mind. 

Determine if You Need Color Printing

Although you almost certainly do much of your designing in full color, many graphic designers find that they only ever really print in black and white so that they can proofread text. If you don’t need color printing, then you can save money and stick to a black and white laser printer. If you do use your printer for color checks, then, of course, you should consider a color printer. Laser, inkjet, and solid ink printers are all options, depending on other factors regarding how you use your printer. 

Consider Paper Sizes

Do you always print on legal, letter, or tabloid-sized paper? If so, then you’ll find you have lots of options from which to choose when it comes to printers. If, however, you need a layout proofer that can handle full-bleed pages with printer’s marks, then you will need a more specialized printer. As you consider these specialty printers, be sure to verify how much of the page the printer can print on. Sometimes, printers limit the area that can be printed on in order to accommodate page handling. 

Decide on Output Resolution 

Graphic designers who use printers to check the overall layout of a design and to proof text generally find that they don’t need high-resolution printers. If you need to print high-quality design material that will be distributed, then you will likely want a high-resolution printer. When you’re checking the specs on a printer, note that, in the case that two numbers are listed for output resolution, you should assume the lower number is the top of the printer’s ability. 

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