Tips for Using Less Paper in the Office

Tips for Using Less Paper in the Office

Improve the way your office uses paper to reduce your business’s footprint on the environment. With the right products, you can make your entire office more efficient. Use the following tips to stop using so much paper.

Utilize Scanners

If you do not need to have a hard copy of certain documents, you can merely keep electronic copies. Buy or lease a scanner for your office so your staff can upload important documents instead of printing them and wasting excessive amounts of paper.

Organize a Printing Policy

Give your staff guidelines about how to print with a printing policy that clearly lists how much someone can print at a time. If people are more aware of how much they are printing, they will be more likely to make the effort to reduce wasted paper.

Reuse Paper when You Can

If you are writing notes or need paper for other informal uses, try to reuse sheets that have already been used to write or print something. Instead of wasting so much paper for such small uses, reusing other sheets can drastically cut down on the amount of paper that you actually do use in your office.

Maintain Your Printers

Make sure your printers are in top shape so they work as efficiently as possible. With the help of a printer repair company, you can keep your prints functioning at the highest level to avoid paper jams and other issues that could needlessly waste paper.

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