Tips for Writing Better Professional Emails

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Tips for Writing Better Professional Emails

Email lets you communicate with coworkers, customers, and other businesses. Knowing how to craft professional emails is essential if you want to make the best impression while using this communication tool. Keep reading for some of the basic tips that can help you write better professional emails:

Create Simple Yet Descriptive Subject Lines

You should always include a subject when emailing someone from a company email address. The subject line should tell the recipient what the message is about without being too wordy or complicated. The less familiar you are with the person you are emailing, the more formal your subject line should be.

Include an Appropriate Greeting and Closing

An email should always start with a greeting that uses either the title and name or just the name of the recipient. Again, the level of familiarity you have with the recipient will determine how formal of a greeting you should use. It’s also important to include a closing when signing your name. Consider creating an email signature that includes your name, title, and links to your website and social media profiles.

Use a Simple and Easy-to-Read Font

While you might be able to choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors when creating emails, it’s best to stick to a font that is simple and easy-to-read. Typically, the default font is a great choice that most recipients will be able to read without issue.

Be Polite

No matter who you’re emailing, you should always remain polite and friendly. It can be easy to misinterpret somebody’s message or tone when you can only read their email instead of hearing their voice, so it’s important that you stay polite with your wording.


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