Top 5 finishing options for your office

Top 5 finishing options for your office

In many businesses, printing a document is only part of the need. It must also be prepared in some way for either distribution or organization. Here are the five most common finishing options available for business machines.


Hole Punch

This standard feature is one of the most useful for day-to-day tasks. There are two main hole punching options. The most common is three-hole punch for use in binders and folders. The second is two-hole punch, which is used for certain clipboards.


If you need to make packets for a meeting or some other form of report, you will likely want it to be stapled. Choose a corner or two staples along the edge of your document.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitching is a quick way to make a booklet or program. The machine will fold the paper in half and staple twice along the spine. One of the benefits is customization. You can use a mail merge to print unique information like names on each piece. Typically, saddle stitched booklets are between 4 and 24 pages, but can be made larger.


A finisher that folds can save you a lot of time. The two most common folds are a simple half fold and a trifold, also called a letter fold. With this option, you can stuff envelopes in half the time!


Collating is ideal for printing identical multi-page documents. The printer will offset each group in the finishing tray, making it easier for you to separate them.


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