Top Reasons to Lease a Copier

Top Reasons to Lease a Copier

When you need equipment for your office, leasing is often a much better choice than buying. Although some businesses are committed to the idea of owning their equipment, others have found that leasing is the ideal fit, especially for items like copiers. If you are trying to decide between buying and leasing your new copier, here are some of the reasons you may find that leasing is the right answer for your company. 

Save Working Capital 

Why make an investment of capital upfront in a copier? You can free up working capital by leasing your printer and saving that initial investment. For many companies, leasing, rather than buying, helps them stay within their budget and frees up cashflow for other business operations. The monthly leasing cost is easily managed, since its predictable, and through leasing, you can save money on other copier maintenance costs. 

Up-To-Date Technology

Once you buy a copier, you’re locked into the technology for the life of the copier. However, because technology evolves so quickly, your machine could quickly be out of date. When you lease a copier, you always get the very latest technology, and when its time to upgrade to a new model, you don’t have to make a brand-new investment. Simply speak to your office equipment company and swap your existing copier for a lease on the newest model. Additionally, when you lease, you have support of the equipment provider as you make software updates and troubleshoot any potential malfunctions.  

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance is an important for keeping a copier in good condition. If you purchase a copier, you will need to find an outside maintenance company to perform maintenance work, which is an additional expenditure. If you lease a copier, you can customize a maintenance agreement with leasing company, which will likely offer a more affordable rate. 

Save your working capital and see how a copier lease from Arizona Business Equipment can help you get the supplies you need without compromising your cashflow. For more information about renting a copier in Tucson, call (520) 888-2679.