Top Tips for Preventing Paper Jams

Top Tips for Preventing Paper Jams

Whether you work from home or manage an office with hundreds of employees, there’s a common frustration that can interrupt any workday: Paper jams. While modern printers come outfitted with the latest features and technology to help prevent paper jams, they can still occur from time to time. Save yourself the hassle of jammed printer and other pieces of office equipment with the following tips.

Examine Your Paper

One of the most common causes of paper jams in office printers is using paper that is not supported by the printer. Always make sure that the size, weight, and type of paper you are loading into a printer is supported by that device. It’s also important to make sure that the paper is clean, dry, and undamaged.

Pay Attention to Print Settings

When you are getting ready to print a document, you will have the chance to adjust a number of print settings, including the size and type of paper. If you are encountering frequent paper jams, always make sure that these settings are correct before hitting the “print” button.

Adjust Printer Settings

In addition to the print settings that you can set on your computer, there are also a number of settings that you can change on the printer itself. Make sure that the paper guides are properly adjusted for the size of paper that you are using, and ensure that the paper tray is not overfilled.

Keep the Printer Clean

Over time, dirt, debris, and small pieces of paper can accumulate in your printer’s paper tray and other mechanisms. Make sure that you periodically clean out any debris from your printer. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter frequent paper jams.

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