Troubleshooting Common Printer Problems

Troubleshooting Common Printer Problems

You rely on your office printer to provide hard copies of important business documents, forms, manuals, and more. Printer troubles can cut into your workday, causing lost time and unnecessary stress. Learning to spot and repair the most common printer problems on your own can improve productivity and printer function.

Connection Trouble

One of the first things you should check if your printer won’t print is the printer’s connection. If your printer is hard-wired into your office network, check its Ethernet and USB cables to ensure they are secure and intact. Wireless printers can also have trouble connecting, so check to ensure your printer is online and connected to your office network; if you can’t find your office network, check that your Wi-Fi network is online as well.

Low Ink

Your printer may warn that it is running out of ink, yet continue to print documents normally. For convenience, most printers are designed to alert users to ink levels that are running low before the ink actually runs out. If your printer claims it is running low on ink, you can continue to print documents—however, you should contact your printer service about replacing the ink cartridge as soon as possible to prevent work delays when your printer’s ink does finally run out.

Slow Printing

In many cases, your printer’s speed is related to the model. While some printers are faster than others, older printers are typically slower than new ones. However, there are some steps you can take to speed up very slow printing. If your printer is wireless, consider connecting directly to the printer via USB or Ethernet cable to speed up data transfer. When printing text, try lowering the printer’s resolution for faster output without compromising quality.

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