Understanding How Laser Printers Work

Understanding How Laser Printers Work

Laser printers offer high-quality printed pages with greater speed and efficiency than inkjet models. These printers incorporate a variety of physical components that all work together to create each printed page. Keep reading to discover how these printers work, as well as their many benefits when used in an office for daily printing tasks.

Laser Printer Basics

FS-C5350DN Printer and business equipmentUnlike inkjet printers, which simply spray ink onto each page in a predetermined pattern, laser printers first “imprint” the pattern to be printed on the page by charging the paper statically with a laser beam, earning these printers their name. During the printing process, paper is fed into the printer on a drum. A laser beam shines on the paper in the pattern to be printed, giving the areas where words and images will appear a negative charge. Once the paper is charged, powdered ink, or toner, is applied. The positively-charged toner sticks to the page only where it has been charged, creating the printed text or images you desire. After the toner is applied, the page is sent through a fuser, which heats the paper and toner to melt the toner and fuse it with the paper to produce the final result.

Laser Printer Benefits

The qualities that laser printers possess also give this type of printing equipment many advantages over inkjet printers. Because the toner is kept in powdered form, it can be stored indefinitely and used more efficiently. Thus, more pages can be produced on a single cartridge of toner, while inkjet printers often require ink replacements, which can dry up over time if left unused. Furthermore, pages printed with a laser printer won’t smudge because the toner is fused permanently with the paper and requires no drying time after printing is complete.

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