Understanding How Photocopiers Work

Understanding How Photocopiers Work

Photocopiers are essential tools for any office. In order to get the best deal when you lease a copier or buy a completely new unit, you have to understand how these machines work. Keep reading for a brief introduction to photocopiers and how they do what they do.

It Takes Digital Pictures

A copy machine is able to generate exact replicas of an original document because it takes digital pictures. The user either places one piece of paper directly onto the clear pane of glass or feeds multiple documents through a tray system on the side of the machine. The copier then takes digital pictures of the original. The better the copier, the faster it will take pictures to recreate the images found on the original document.

It Applies Settings

The user can adjust the settings on the machine to change the way the replica looks. This includes changing the darkness, manipulating the size, or requesting multiple copies of a certain document. Once the photocopier processes the original image and factors in these settings, it can move on to the printing phase.

It Prints the Replica

The photocopier is filled with blank paper. Once it takes a digital image and processes it according to the user settings, it prints out a replica on one of these blank sheets of paper. The photocopier now acts like a laser printer and actually burns the duplicated image onto a blank sheet of paper. It then spits out the replica where the operator can collect it.

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