What Is the Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printer Papers?

What Is the Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printer Papers?

Most people focus on types of printers and ink when they think about print quality, but the paper you choose has a big impact. Although most printers will work with any kind of paper, the outcomes can vary dramatically. In addition, some laser printers can actually be damaged if you use them with the wrong kind of paper. How does paper figure into your printing job? Here is what you need to know. 

Heat and moisture impact printer paper choices. 

Laser printers don’t actually use ink to print. Instead, they used toner. Toner is powder-like in consistency, and it is melted onto paper during printing using heat. Those high levels of heat can burn paper and cause any coating on the paper to melt onto the printer rollers, damaging the whole unit. Laser printer paper, therefore, tends to be free of coating and highly resistant to heat. 

As the name suggests, inkjet printers use ink for printing. The ink is sprayed on and saturates the paper. With regular copy paper, this can cause the ink to spread out before it dries, causing blurred edges. 

There are multiple options for printer-specific paper. 

If you want to get the best quality results, use a paper that was designed for the type of printer you are using. There are multiple options available, including ColorLok paper for inkjet printers, and paper with high level s of heat resistance for laser printers. Additionally, if you are printing special media, like labels, opting for ones that are printer specific will reduce the risk of melting, bleeding, and other concerns. 

Although specialty paper is recommended when quality is key for your prints, if the print quality is less important, using standard office paper will do the trick. 

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