What Law Firms Need to Know About Secure Printing

What Law Firms Need to Know About Secure Printing

For law practices, printing is more complicated than loading up some paper and ink and picking up what the printer spits out. Because so many sensitive legal documents go through the printer at a law firm, it’s necessary to have strict privacy protocols in place to ensure confidentiality. Fortunately, it’s easy to put procedures in place that will protect your sensitive information and help you meet your duty of protecting your clients’ privacy. Here is what you need to know. 

Create a Policy for Printer Use

It’s a good idea for law offices of any size to implement printer use policies. For example, your policy may require pull printing, which is a practice in which documents that are sent to the printer are held in a digital queue and are only printed when someone is at the printer itself to start the printing. This reduces the risk of sensitive documents being forgotten in a printer tray.

Use Password Protection
Password protection is a simple, but powerful, step you can use to restrict access to your printers and create a record of who is using the printers. Requiring a password will stop anyone without proper clearance from printing documents that are being held in your printer queue and prevents people without clearance from changing any of your printer settings. Without a password, anyone who access to your network could access your printer, the settings, and anything in the queue. 

Keep Your Software Updated

Your printer software and firmware will periodically need to be updated, and it’s important to stay on top of the update schedule. Updates frequently contain enhanced security features and patches to fix security weaknesses. Falling behind on your update schedule will leave your printers vulnerable. 

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