What Lawyers Need to Know About Scanners

What Lawyers Need to Know About Scanners

Going paperless is a smart move that can help you save money and space over the long term. Switching to a paperless business means employing several tools, including scanners, computers and an effective document storage and retrieval system. While paperless solutions are a great choice for legal firms, it’s important to understand how going paperless will affect your practice and how to choose the best scanning equipment for the job.

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

While lower-quality equipment may cost less initially, it can lead to trouble in the future due to poor-quality scans or frequent breakdowns. Investing in high-quality scanning equipment right from the start means purchasing or leasing a scanner that will provide the document quality you and your clients need to easily and quickly read scanned documents to find relevant information.

Determine Your Scanning Needs

Scanners can read in documents and convert them to either an image or a text-based document. However, not all scanners are capable of both functions, making it important to first determine your preferred file format. If you prefer to scan in documents that can be edited and managed later, you’ll want to choose a scanner with optical character recognition capabilities and software.

Remember Document Management

Managing scanned documentation requires more than a few file folders on your computer. Because legal practices rely on the ability to quickly find important documentation, it’s essential to invest in an effective document management system along with your scanning equipment. Free programs may be appealing, but cannot offer the security you require when handling private and sensitive information. The best solution for law firms is to seek out a document management system that is easy to use and provides the security and protection you and your clients require.

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