What to Do When Your Copier Breaks

What to Do When Your Copier Breaks

Your copier may be an integral component of your office, so days when the copier is not working properly may be particularly stressful. However, there are a couple tips for troubleshooting a malfunctioning copier that can help, and having the reliable maintenance plan that comes with a copier lease can allow you to quickly schedule service when you can’t get the machine back up and running yourself. Here’s a closer look at the steps you should take when your copier stops making copies.

Check for a Paper Jam

In nearly every model of copier from desktop to full-sized models, paper jams are a leading culprit for malfunctioning. Check all loading areas for a jam and be sure that the tray is not overloaded or improperly aligned. If paper jams are frequent, you may have an issue with other components of the machine, so it could be time for a professional tune-up.

Clean the Copier

You should always clean the copier based on the manufacturer’s instructions, and this will help to clear up problems like lines and smudges on your copies. Vacuuming the machine to clear out dust can also be helpful, since this will prevent paper jams and other issues with the moving parts of the machine.

Call for Maintenance

When you cannot quickly fix up the problem yourself, it is usually best to just call for a professional fix. This way, you won’t waste time trying to fix the copier when you aren’t sure what’s wrong, and you won’t risk further damage to the machine by attempting a DIY fix.


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