What You Need to Know About Plotters

What You Need to Know About Plotters

If you work in a business that produces complex images, then you need a plotter. Although plotters produce printed material, they are much different from standard printers. Plotters are not the right fit for every business, but if your company prints images that require detail and precision, then a plotter is an essential tool. If you’re considering investing in or leasing a plotter, here is what you need to know. 

How are plotters different from printers?

Printers create images and text by using a series of dots. Plotters create connected lines using a pencil or pen. Essentially, plotters draw the images and texts you need to print, so the output is precise and crisp. The difference in quality is significant, which is why plotters are frequently used to create art prints, posters, blueprints, and product designs. Architects, graphic designers, and technical designers are just a few of the professionals that rely on plotters in their work. 

How do plotters work?

Although plotters can vary somewhat in how they work, most of them are hooked up to a computer and work with the imaging software. To print images and text from the computer, the user first inputs specific coordinates to tell the plotter where to print on the page. Then, the imaging software transfers the work to the plotter, which translates it into a series of coordinates that tell the pen or pencil how to draw the image. In some cases, such as in the fashion industry, plotters cut. In cutting plotters, the pen or pencil is replaced by a small blade, but they work in much the same way. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a plotter?

If you have a need to print detailed, flawless images in your business, then a plotter is required to achieve the quality you want. Plotters can also print on pages of two or more feet in width and can print on a variety of materials. Although plotters do offer some challenges, like slow print times and a large footprint, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for companies that need precision imaging. 

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