Which Desk Copier Should You Choose for Your Home Office?

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Which Desk Copier Should You Choose for Your Home Office?

Working from home has many advantages, but one challenge many people face in home offices is having the right equipment to get their jobs done. A desk copier is a critical thing for most people to have in their home offices, but choosing the right model can be a challenge. As you consider your options for copiers, here are a few of the factors you should keep in mind.

Color or Black and White

If you don’t print or copy colored documents, then a black and white copier could be a smart investment. Black and white copiers are generally more affordable, and they are less expensive to use over the life of the copier as well, since there are no color ink cartridges to replace. However, if you do even a small amount of color printing or copying, then opt for a color copier. Most color copiers allow you to switch between color and black and white, allowing you to conserve colored ink when necessary.

Duty Cycle

A copier’s duty cycle tells you how many pages the copier should be able to print per month without malfunctioning. Comparing the duty cycles on the copiers you are considering is an important, especially if you do a large amount of copying. Opt for a copier with a duty cycle that exceeds what you think you need. Pushing your copier to the limit on a continual basis will cause it to wear out faster.


Copier speed is expressed in PPM—pages per minute. Higher speeds mean that your copying jobs will be done faster, but keep in mind that there is often a trade-off between speed and quality. Choose a copier that has the balance of speed and quality that you need for the kind of copying you do.


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