Which Pieces of Office Equipment Will Your Employees Need to Work from Home?

Which Pieces of Office Equipment Will Your Employees Need to Work from Home?

Your employees have access to an array of technology that encourages productivity in the office, but what about now that they are working from home? What office equipment do they need in their home office? Continue reading for a closer look. 


A printer can play an integral role in your employee’s productivity. Part of your employee’s job revolves around being able to print documents and this will almost certainly still be essential to their work at home. The KYOCERA ECOSYS printer has one of the lowest costs per print and is an economical printing solution with its long-life components.  


If your employee regularly prints multiple reports, or makes copies in the office, they will need a copier to continue this job function. Though, if your employee is both printing and copying, a multi-function printer would be more beneficial than a copy machine by itself.


Does your team often need to fill out documents and then return them via email? Or maybe they regularly need to make digital copies of documents from your clients. Either way, a scanner is critical to their productivity. Most modern scanners have digital document capture, creating searchable PDFs, which allow for easy sharing and retrieval to improve workgroup access. 

Fax Machine

If your employees frequently communicate with clients via fax, a fax machine in their home office is a must. This will enable them to continue sending documents to clients, or to the office. However, with remote work becoming more common, clients may be more open to scanned documents sent via email. 

The KYOCERA TASKalfa monochrome multi-function printer is another all-in-one option if your employees are not printing documents containing color graphics and charts or other color images. It is equipped with ECOSYS long-life technology and offers outstanding efficiency by minimizing cost and waste. 

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